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FAQ: Frequently asked questions:

How do I get a website or get up online?

There are 4 elements to a web presence:

      1. A Domain name - this is the www.mycompany.co.uk. This can be thought of like the telephone number to dial to get to your website
      2. Hosting - this is where your website "lives", and consists of physical computers stored in a dedicated facility, this is where your domain name points people to look when they type it into their browsers.
      3. Web Design / Testing of site - this is the construction/design of the actual pages (html files) with all its content, images and formatting. This can be done easily and quickly by trained professionals or you can be taught to do web design yourself (our preferred approach is a hybrid, whereby we design, but you also see how we do what we do, so you are better equipped for what can be done). The site should also be tested and reviewed to check you are happy with it's look and functionality.
      4. Uploading the site - this consists of taking the files from the local pc, disk, or cd-rom and transferring them onto the Hosting Pc. (this is usally down over the internet and the site is "uploaded" from where it was designed and no one could see it, to the public internet.

Timings: How long does it take?

    1. Domain name - this can be done in minutes - as soon as you have the name you want, check if its free and if it is we can register it for you.
    2. Hosting - we have dedicated hosting facilities ready to run for our clients accounts. There is an approximately 48 hours turnaround while servers online are updated between setting up a new domain name and it appearing online.
    3. Web Design - from 1/2 hour to months - a simple page with an image can be designed in half hour or less. We would suggest that you initial presence can be set up in a 3hour session with ourselves - assuming your text/copy and images are ready. After that design is as long as the client wishes, as with all creative processes. The internet also means that design can always be changed and little extra cost. (For example we can change the colours of this site in seconds at no costs using css).
    4. Uploading the site - Instant - as soon as the files are transferred / upload the site is active.

    So from nothing to an online site in 48 hours - it can be done. How can we be so confident we've done it time and time again.

    So think of a domain name.. get in touch, and lets get you online..