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Simple Idea - Policies

These policies are unfortunately required to protect the interests of Simple Idea and it's good clients. Good faith and common sense are our tenets, however below sets out the base case of Simple Idea's operating process.

All our ventures operate on a complete limited liability in respect of Simple Idea. (i.e. explicitly Simple Idea takes on no liability to any client or 3rd party, unless explicitly agreed in any joint documentation in writing, which must be lodged with Simple Idea.

Simple Idea retains all rights to any consultancy it carries out, and to reusing knowledge/technological investigations with other clients.

All domains registered on behalf of clients, remain the property of Simple Idea, until all costs and documents relating to the domains have been provided to Simple Idea. This may include registration costs, hosting costs, and transfer costs. Should costs not be repaid within 28 days of incursion, all legal title to domains will pass to Simple Idea, unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing. Non-communication on the part of the client will not be an acceptable excuse for failure to payment. Any disagreeement on cost incurred, will also be viewed as a breach of good faith by the client, and all domains, rights will then be forfeited.

Simple Idea retains full rights to mention its role in relation to any domains it is or has been involved in ad infinitum - including registration, hosting, and consultancy. This includes all aspects of PR - web, press, radio, tv. This also includes the right to use images and designs with which it has been involved.

Given the nature of our role, parties will begin their web presence with us and then may choose to move on in the future as they develop, however it is important to give credit for our assistance.

We will not disclose or discuss details of domains registered with us, without formal consent from our original contact, preferably in writing and verbal.

Clients will not disclose the part played by Simple Idea in any respect without the written consent of Simple Idea. Failure to do so will result in the client being liable for costs and damages as set by Simple Idea, based on time and reputation impact.

UK and English law will be prevalent in all cases.